Discerning Unemployability – III

In my first blog on Unemployability I touched upon the scale of the issue and captured popular beliefs among skilled and educated community. In my second blog I touched upon work done by various stake holders such as college, UGC/AICTE, Government, University and industry to address it. We realized from the two blogs that many people realize the scale of this issue and do see it as a ticking time bomb that can hamper India growth story. We also found that a lot of work is happening in the field of education to eradicate unemployability and government is backing with large funding.

However very limited innovative work has happened in this field; the new era of social networking is bringing regime change in Arab world but such as powerful tool isn’t being utilized to improve education and eradicating Unemployability. In this blog, I shall present to you a model that would be used to bring about a tectonic shift in the field of education to address Unemployability.

Students of today’s time are highly empowered to muscle their way through Unemployability. But they need help. Critical help that those who received made a marked progress. That help is consistent GUIDANCE and MENTORING. So often we come across people who say; if I had had a mentor guiding me, perhaps things would have been different. But those days, only lucky ones got the guidance at the right time and those few flourished. Time has now come to change the scenario and make a scalable way to help students find mentors for themselves.

Many motivation sciences have spoken about inner urge of people to give back to the society. Wiki is biggest evidence that people are motivated to share their knowledge. We therefore believe that skilled class folks would be interested in sharing their knowledge to the society. One such way to share knowledge is through mentoring a student. Benjamin Disraeli said “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own”.

I believe we sorely miss an organization that takes charge to build a channel where people keen on mentoring are provided an opportunity to select their pupil. Social networking platform on Facebook/Google+ could be used to create such a platform. This platform will enable skilled working class folks to select needy students and guide them to fight Unemployability. A broad model is given below for the same:


Enhancing Mentor effectiveness:

  • Market the platform to spread awareness
  • A selection mechanism to ensure genuinely interested people become mentors
  • A training course to ensure interest is converted into serious mentoring experience for students
  • Management of mentors

Enhancing Student receptiveness:

  • Market to student community to spread awareness
  • An assessment so that mentor is made aware of current standing of the student
  • Aoth from student to ensure they provide consistent support to the program
  • Engagement program with students.

In conclusion, if students are selected and aloowed to engage with skilled people then I believe mentor-student relationship will flourish and students will be able to fight Unemployability.

I request you to present their thoughts on this model. Let us know if you ever desired for a mentor. Did you find a mentor among your lecturers? Whether you would be keen on becoming a mentor? And your over all opinion on whether this step could be a major step to eradicate Unemployability.
Came across this beautiful initiative by government of India and UGC to uphold quality of higher education in India. 

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