Is your workforce failing for want of splitting doers from thinkers?

Narada munivar was very popular for chanting vishnu’s name with every breath and his devotion to Vishnu. As his popularity grew across worlds, so did his ego. One day in order to boost his popularity further, Narada went to Vaikuntam and asked Vishnu, “who is your favorite devotee”? Expecting Vishnu to say his name, Narada eagerly waited for Vishnu to utter the words. Narada knew that he would be ever more popular if Vishnu himself said Narada as his ,most favorite devotee.

Vishnu answered Narada calmly, Oh Narada, do you see that farmer in Bharatvarsha? He is my favorite devotee! Shell shocked Narada, hurt by his failure, immidiately takes leave from Vishnu and starts observing the farmer. Narada finds that the farmer is a kind hard working simple man. He starts his day early in the morning by chanting Vishnu’s name. Then he heads to farms and just before lunch again takes Vishnu’s name. the after finishing his work in the farm he heads home and before dinner, takes Vishnu’s name. This was his routine.

Perplexed why the farmer is Vishnu’s favorite, Narada rushes to Vaikuntam and enquires Vishnu about it. Instead of answering Narada, Vishnu immediately gives Narada a vessel filled with oil till brim and asked Narada to go around earth 3 times and return within a single day. Vishnu also warned Narada that not a single drop should spill from the vessel. Narada thinks this is test of his devotion and readily accepts the challenge. Narada sets course and carefully holds the vessel. Narada keeps all his attention on the vessel to ensure there is no spill and slowly finishes going around earth thrice and finally reaches vaikuntam just at the end of the day. Vishnu carefully inspects the vessel and congratulates Narada on his feat. Narada, pleased with his accomplishment again asks if he was Vishnu’s favorite? Vishnu instead asks; Narada, during your assignment, how may times did you take my name? Realizing that, immersed in the activity, he didn’t utter Vishnu’s name even once Narada immediately realizes superiority of the farmer!

When Narada was a thinker, he took Vishnu’s name with every breath and was productive in doing so.  When Narada was executing Vishnu’s command, he was still productive and completed task successfully. I believe it would not have been possible for Narada to do both successfully. If he had tried doing both, he wouldn’t have done both tasks productively. In sum, every individual in a company can be classified into either essentially thinker or essentially doer.Companies should try classifying every position in a company into doer or thinker based on which one is more. Positions that include 30-70, 40-60, or 50-50 thinking and doing should be further broken down or modified to make them 20-80, 10-90 or 25-75 doing Vs thinking  or vice versa. By doing so, the employee would be better set to succeed. If the company must indulge in almost equal thinking vs doing then it must ensure that its strategy should not be to cut cost and be cheapest, rather company must try maintaining niche and maintain good margin. This would ensure that lack of productivity doesn’t hamper profitability.

On side note, Vishnu realizes how difficult it is to ensure that old assignments doesn’t get affected when new ones are added. Therefore it’s imperative that every time a new project is assigned, its effect on old projects is evaluated and risks are mitigated.

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