Using Facebook Banner on page effectively

Facebook’s new timeline for Pages has created quite a wave! Some have welcomed the move and some are frowning and a whole lot of people are still puzzled how to react to the change. I welcome this move and specifically love the huge Facebook Banner that the new timeline allows! Banners are opening up a whole lot of opportunity for marketers to express their creativity on Facebook Page and bring more value to their fans and target audience. Here are some tips on creating effective Facebook banner:

ARE U STUCK WITH WEB 2.0 MINDSET? most companies are still stuck WITH web 2.0 mindset and are using the banner as they would use in a website; to communicate their brand promise or about their cash cow products. Facebook has largest percentage of active users and people follow newsfeed very regularly and therefore Facebook is all about NEW! One cannot put a banner and leave it for the next generation to change! However one could use banner to communicate corporate brand but should continue to bring new photos to do so. Therefore banners should communicate fresh ideas all the time and serve a business purpose. Below GE has shown its office but I feel GE could have better utilized the banner by communicating a purpose by using text in the banner.

FACEBOOK IS A SOCIAL PLATFORM, REMEMBER? Being social also means being helpful. Therefore the banner should not be used to JUST communicate company’s identity or acheivements, it can and should only communicate value/benefit to the viewer! Its matter of perspective! Perhaps good use of banner is to communicate new launches, special deals, offers, innovative ways of better using the product, etc. Apple is using their banner to show their new product release iPad3.

THEME BASED MARKETING IS BACK IN FASHION! companies could create monthly theme for marketing and could use the banner to drive the theme among the fans. Theme based marketing required dedicated efforts and is fundamental to the way marketing chooses to operate. Therefore it is not easy to adopt this way but smaller sized organisation could find ways to select theme for a month and market their product based on the theme. Here is one example of theme based marketing undertaken by old spice:

Having discussed ways to use Facebook banner effectively, here are some ways that are NOT the right methods:

SHOULDN’T MARKETERS USE EVERYTHING TO COMMUNICATE SOMETHING? Not using the banner to communicate a point sufficiently and clearly is wasting a precious scarce resource that marketers cannot afford! If using some text is the solution.

Isn’t not putting a banner at all a crime?

Some of my own creations are below, these may not be the best but have:

  • Call to action
  • Benefits
  • New Product/Service

I would also like to share an excellent example by Samsung! These guys are doing wonderful job on Social Media Marketing!I

I welcome more suggestions on innovative ways of using Facebook Banners. Please share your ideas.

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