Turbocharge House of Quality with Social Media

In todays highly competitive environment, companies are finely segmenting their market and optimizing their product to delight their target segment. Since aspirations, desires and expectations of the target segment keeps changing, companies are constantly tweaking their products and innovating to adopt to the demand change. The House of Quality (HoQ) Matrix is the most recognized and widely used form of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to achieve this end. It translates customer requirements into an appropriate number of engineering targets to be met by a product design.

Raise of Social Media is fast changing the way companies interact with people and how people interact with companies. People are freely communicating their true feeling on this platform and companies are trying to find ways to capture this data and use it to its benefit.

In this blog, I would explain how companies could use social media to turbocharge HoQ in order to reduce the lead time between changing customer aspiration and delivering customized products. This blog does not intend to explain HoQ in itself. For more on HoQ, click: http://www.public.iastate.edu/~vardeman/IE361/f01mini/johnson.pdf

(Paid) http://sloanreview.mit.edu/the-magazine/1993-spring/3434/how-puritanbennett-used-the-house-of-quality/

How to couple Social Media to House of Quality?

For successfully coupling Social Media and House Of Quality, we must first have the the right infrastructure such as prominent social media presence in Facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn etc. Once we have prominent presence, we must form a team comprising of all stake holders for House of Quality:

New Stake Holders of House of Quality

Once we cautiously bring the team together and set context we must bring clarity on role of each stake holder. Applying principles of change management would be a good starting point for implementation. As is the case in every process, no one size fits all and every firm must find their sweet spot.

What are the top 3 Key Benefits?

  1. Social Media would help House of Quality document become a continuously changing and accurate document that can be referred by R&D team regularly and produce products that delight customer.
  2. More transparent and system driven approach to understanding customer requirements and allocating resources to meet the requirements.
  3. Reduced lead time between customers requiring a change and the company providing it. This leads to tremendous competitive advantage

In conclusion, House of Quality needs to be a very dynamically updated and proactive document. In order to achieve this, we need to get customer input for the document in real time. Social Media could help us do so in a systematic manner. Achieving this feat would ultimately provide companies with competitive advantage and help them delight their customer.

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