HBR’s Secret to Success

I was reading the top posts in HBR and here is the list:

I observed that most of these articles were about being more successful in life. These articles are most commented and perhaps by highly skilled and intelligent people since those are the kind of people who flock to the HBR site! Most of them seem to concur with the posts and therefore crowd sourcing from there, I think I have found the secret of success! Yes! i indeed have!

Wish to know the secret of success? here you go…the secret to success is to BE HUMAN!

Human as a species has been phenomenally successful and to continue in the path of success, we just need to continue BEING HUMAN!

So now what is being human? Its about using your senses completely!

  • Smell deeply
  • Listen attentively
  • Speak heartfelt
  • See curiously
  • and Touch

And there is one more thing that makes us Human, our Brain! so add one more to the recipe, THOUGHT!

So this is the secret to success, learn about the world from your senses and use your mind to do the right thing! Its as simple as that!

In some odd ways, its similar to what Lord Ganesha demonstrates!

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