Gamification for Recruiter Productivity Enhancement and Social Recruiting-Part II

Firstly I thank you and readers of first part of this blog for their support and encouragement. If you haven’t already read it then I recommend you to do so before reading this Blog:

The purpose of this Blog is to kindle ideas on Gamification and its application in recruitment consultancy firms to achieve recruiter productivity and encourage better use of social media to source and recruit talent. However for any Gamification process to succeed, we need to customise the program to every individual organisation and thus this blog does not intend to provide you a solution but provide ideas to be explored by you.

I prefer the 6D framework for designing gamification process established by prof Kewin and so would adopt it in this blog.

Business Objective: Work of a recruiter is algorithmic. It means that we could build a flow chart of functions that are performed by recruiter. Therefore Gamification is a good method to apply for achieving positive results.

Statement: Purpose of the gamification is to improve every stage of recruitment funnel in order to achieve superior output from the recruiters and drive recruiters to use social media more in order to reap benefits of social recruitments thus improving quality of hire.

If your organisation follows different set of targets to measure performance then you could mention that as the objective. However focus on action that is in recruiters control rather than results such as meeting revenue target.

Target Behaviour: The section requires identification of activities / tasks that the recruiter needs to perform in order to be successful. Once these are identified, we could later look at how to build a system to encourage such tasks making them behaviour.

  • Demonstrate good understanding of the company and job description
  • Target right set of people and establishing contact
  • Reducing communication friction between recruiter, Candidate, HR and Hiring manager

You may choose to add to the above list.

Player: Players of this gamification program are recruiters of your organisation.

Engagement Loop: This is the spirit of gamification which explains the mechanism of gamification. We would use a point based system to measure and reward recruiters. To truly design engagement loop, we need to understand key skills that the recruiter needs to demonstrate and how those could be measured how feedback could be provided to recruiter in real time.


Demonstrate good understanding of the client and position: Candidates that the recruiter contacts should be sent a survey letter requesting to take their opinion on service delivered by the recruiter. The survey should have simple questions such as Did the recruiter explain adequately about the company, Did the recruiter explain in detail about your job responsibility, Were you made aware of employee benefits and key EVP (Employee Value Proposition).

Communication Skills: Several firms have ability to record random calls. These could be measured by a skilled evaluator and accordingly points could be awarded to recruiter.

Surprise awards could be thrown in for back to back successful calls in order to have adrenaline levels maintained during the course of the day.

Essentially one needs a gamification expert who could study effects of these awards on behavior and based on the study, device a system that is optimum and provides desired success. Its an evolution in itself and one system works only for a finite time! Just as windows upgrades itself, mobile phones get upgraded consistently, gamification loop too needs constant supervision and redesigning.

If you are serious about implantation of gamification, then get equipped! Strongly recommend this book to you:

For The Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business

All the best and do share your thought by clicking on comments section!


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