Tactical Method to Run Successful Content Marketing

Today everyone is talking about content marketing and every day I come across quick tips on how to succeed with content marketing. But the truth is that content marketing is a very long drawn marketing technique that requires lot of rigor and discipline to bring taste of success. Key benefit of the extra effort is the sticky nature of content marketing that keeps customer in for longer and more loyal. If you are game for it, then here are is ways to go about it:

Audience: As is in any marketing strategy, content marketing too starts with identification of Content Marketing Strategycustomers, demographic and psychographic study and classification. Upon completion of the same, the content marketer needs to listen to them on social media, blogs, speaking events, etc and understand what issues and topics they are talking about. Once this is determined, select the ones that is addressed by your firm, which is the target topic to hit your audience with.

Content Strategy: Once you have the topics, see who has latest updates on the same in your firm and contact him for assistance in content creation. Purpose is to draw a 6 months content topic plan so that you could execute on the same. You may want to tie up with content writers and publishers to help you in execution. Content creation is done by picking several sub topics in the main topic. Once these sub topics are put in calendar to the following steps:

1. Secondary research: Google to understand what is the exact body of knowledge.

2. Primary research: Connect with people in your organisation on their point of view, connect with eminent people in your circle or connected through people in your firm to get their opinion and collate the same.

3. Explore possibility of doing some number crunching for local marketing and relevant to your target audience.

4. Build chain to thoughts in order to ISSUE –> STATS –> SOLUTION –> YOUR FIRM’S AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS.

5. Script: Once the thoughts are in place, get a content writer to pen everything in following manner which ever is suitable: Blogs, Whitepaper, Publication, Speaker event.

Content Delivery: Distribution of content depends on kind of content. If its blog then it goes with your blogs section, Whitepaper goes with slideShare. A Speaker event record goes into YouTube. You must have the following platforms to ensure effective delivery: SlideShare, YouTube, Blogs section, Facebook, LinkedIn, Newsletters, Closed customer Groups on LinkedIn, Email distribution list. One could reuse content by say blogging about a speaker event or whitepaper on the same. Ensure there is some new developments covered while reusing content.

Listening: Once your content reaches your audience, follow up with them about their thoughts by a phone call, their comments on social media, blogs. Doing so would really ensure they participate and provide their opinion. This again could be a content creation lead! Remember, A blogger who blogs often, seldom falls short of topics to blog on!

Benefits: Since you are involving people from your organisation for content creation, there is information passing into your organisation about needs of the market and knowledge passing from experienced professionals to the needy. Since clients see your people and their desires to be part of the solution, there is greater trust and faith that the issues will be resolved.

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