Effective Work@Home with Gamification

Work from home

Recently the web has been flooded with blogs and articles on Yahoo management’s decision to make it mandatory for employees to come to office for work. Each of these articles are talking about whether this decision is RIGHT or WRONG.

Its perhaps very shortsighted to view the action from the lens of right and wrong because its extremely contextual, cultural, business environment and purpose driven. However one thing seems straight forward to me, employees at Yahoo would be commuting to office soon because the management felt that work@home was not beneficial to it.

Why did Yahoo start work@home? 

Flexibility would be bait enough to keep talented employees with Yahoo during the tough talent market which is experiencing high attrition.

Did it work?

For sure it wasn’t considered a blunder, else it wouldn’t have stayed this long.

What happened suddenly?

All we know for sure is that the management feels work@home has changed from beneficial to unhelpful.

What does Yahoo care about?

Output from employees. Since Yahoo management believe desired output is not occurring, Yahoo is making changes.

What went wrong?

We organize ourselves and work in a particular fashion. Large projects are broken down into pieces and divided. We work alone on our piece and we work together while putting the pieces together. Collaboration is vital here.

With work@home, the way we organize our work and deliver performance, communicate has remained the way it was when we were in office. This part did not evolve resulting in undesirable repercussion.

Challenge 1: Improve work that is individual

  • While we are doing our piece, we need reassurance that we on the right track?
  • Communicate how much we have done and our course of action

Challenge 2: Great communication platforms alone doesn’t mean great collaboration the same way great speech doesn’t mean great understanding.

  • Team work for collaboration
  • Result orientation rather than self

If work@home were to become popular again, we need to ensure all the above happens. How could this happen? GAMIFICATION.

How Gamification Improves the situation?

  • Manages motivations at all times
  • Highly result oriented
  • Demands result oriented team work
  • Communication at all times since work is captured in dashboard

Any proof of the pudding? 

Of course, online collaborative games are gaining huge fan following!

Have you worked from home for a stretch of time, say a week? how productive were you then?

Have you played collaborative games? Were you glued on them?

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