Making Internal Newsletters More Relevant

Internal NewsletterToday far more information is being generated every hour than ever before. Because of this, some people are experiencing overdose of information. Same is true for corporate internal communications and therefore newsletters are growing in size. In order to understand how internal newsletters could be made more relevant and effective, one must understand how people consume information in todays time and improve newsletters.

People are consuming more: Since more information is being generated, more is being consumed! This may not mean that people have substantially increased the time they spend consuming information; it may just mean that they are consuming more efficiently.  Here are some efficient mediums:

  • Video information: Internal Newsletters too may adopt this medium. It need not be as advanced as news channels but simple webcam communication, recorded Webinars, Cell phone recorded snippets from leaders could be a great way to communicate content.
  • Infographics: Marketers have latched on to infographics so fast that most companies are coming up with new infographics for their client. However same could be used for internal communication and newsletters.

People look for curated information: People trust on reliable people for filtering out irrelevant and unnecessary information and presenting the most important once. Social media has enabled this feature very effectively.  Internal newsletters could leverage this practice. Digital newsletters may be provided with feature for rating articles. Articles that are very good would get highly rated and may attract people to read. Also leadership team may be given a chance to recommend articles. If any article is recommended by a top leader, then his fans would read the article. This leads to curation by highlighting rather than by elimination.

Customized Content & Delivery: People are looking for sources that customize information to individual’s needs. Internal newsletters too need to grow in this direction. Instead of one size fit all approach of creating one newsletter for everybody in a company, several versions of newsletters may be generated. The key question here would be to segment the population right. Here are some ways:

  • Format Segmentation: Senior members may prefer a simple text format whereas younger population may prefer more colourful format.
  • Rich media Vs Text: Some people might prefer watching video or read thought infographics whereas some may prefer good old text
  • Medium Segmentation: Some may prefer Email, some may prefer print, and some may prefer tablet while some may prefer cell phone.


Initially, one may choose to release all possible combinations of the above and find the top 3/4 popular combinations so that unpopular combinations could be eliminated to save costs.

Asking for suggestions: How may times do you ask your employees, what kind of information he is looking for? Providing information that employees want with information that you want to distribute is like adding advertisement in between entertainment programs, a model that evidently works!

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