Recruitment 2020

How do you think recruitment would be transformed in coming years and be in 2020?

Imagine, you are a recruiter and its April 2020. Your company decided to shut down the city office and decided to equip your home instead with infrastructure for you to work. Your new infrastructure consists of a Google glass and a hand motion sensor that you fixed to your wall. You are excited about the new gadgets and you put them on. The glasses greet you, “Hello Good Morning! Today we have a new assignment to recruit a technology analyst for Amazon. You will be awarded 30 points for selecting this work”. You think for a moment and say to yourself, I am game for something more niche! You reject the assignment and scan for more open positions. You suddenly spot another interesting, Data Scientist for Adobee Recruitment 2020Gamification analytics division; it has 75 points on it! You immediately block the position and the system says “Congratulations, the position is blocked for you for the next 120 minutes” You see a video icon at the Job description, you click on it and you see a message from the hiring manager. The video explains the success parameters for the opportunity and you feel good about finding the right person.

You remember the old days when you had to map talent landscape and source for people on job boards, social media and database; today everyone on the planet is in the company database that directly is linked to all social media platforms that has not only work data but also personal preferences, demonstrated skills and details of personality traits. Although these details are available the only hitch is that the government regulations don’t allow you to contact someone directly unless you have approval from them.

You order your computer through your hand motion to show you the talent landscape for the opportunity. The glasses suddenly glow up and in 3D show you people arranged in shape of a sphere representing people with desired skill sets and experience. Adobee wishes to find people within 75 miles of Bangalore so that a weekly visit to office would be possible. You throw this constraint on the sphere of people and the sphere shrinks to show only right people. Based on the video you watched from the hiring manager, you identify two personal preferences and throw both preferences on the sphere.  The sphere shrinks quite dramatically but is still quite large.

You wonder how to sequence the list in order of preference; You suddenly remember what Ashok, your information manager, told you about the social analytics feature that the company has invested in. You order the computer to run the analytics. The Rec2020pyramidcomputer turns the sphere into a pyramid! The top section of the pyramid has people with 90% suitability and subsequent tiers have 80%, 70%, 60% and 50% respectively. Curious to know how the system figured this out, you hit the help section and look for answers. You learn that the computer considers the following:

  • Match digital preferences of Current top 30 percentile employees in the Gamification analytics division of Adobee and that of talent pool
  • Testimonials written in linkedin and a few other media sites by people who the adobee system recognizes as top performers.
  • People who have performed well in companies and colleges where adobee top employees have done theirs
  • Digital content such as technical blogs, response in stackoverflow etc by people that is shared or cited or highlighted by Adobee top employees

And many such criteria that the HR data scientists have proven to be effective in determining top talent. The system is still in its beta stage and reads the caution note. You love the concept and tap the 90 percentage probably fit candidates.

The system suddenly beeps. It awards you 10 points for selecting the new technology in your recruitment process. Happy about the bonus, you proceed with reading selected people’s consolidated report that the system generated from all social media sources. You understand how these people work and what motivates them, what demotivates them and what benefits offered by the employer would strike a chord with them. You find that a few in the list have self selected themselves to be contacted for jobs and you also see their current assignment and the date on which their current contract ends. You order the computer to record your video message to these candidates and you also ask specific questions. The computer finds that the questions you have asked isn’t available in question bank and offers you bonus 3 points.

These active job seekers get a ping on their Google glass. One of them, Joe, is working and decides to put the message to his reminder stating play the video after finishing work. The Google glass noticing that Joe is shutting down his laptop, informs that the bus he wanted to take to his house is arriving and that if he starts now then he could take the bus without any waiting. Joe takes the suggestion and starts walking towards the bus. Upon boarding he finds a seat at the end and grabs it. Immediately the glass glows and opens the message from you. The video plays and you suggest how the position fits Joe’s preferences and career aspirations. Joe thinks about it and decides to find a little more about the company. He decides to look for friends who work in the firms. The Google glass finds that Peter, Joe’s school friend works here but also suggests that Peter is playing tennis now and that he should better be contacted in 20 minutes, about the time when Joe gets back home. Joe decides to wait and in the mean time checks reviews about culture, work styles, company strategy, financials, salary surveys and other details about the company. He checks his reporting manager’s profiles and check common connections. Upon reaching home, Joe calls Peter for inquiring . Peter gives a good feedback and thus Joe decides to apply. He opens your message again and looks for further steps.  He responds to your questions and the google glass records the video and sends it back to you!

Meanwhile you received a bunch of other responses and you screen each one of them and finally decide to just submit Joe’s video and resume in a report that has various scores the computer computed to determine fit and your thoughts on how Joe’s aspirations match the opportunity. You forward the report to the hiring manager and the hiring manager is impressed with your find. He decided to give you a Badge, Quick Feet!

This is cool! You say, and ring your best friend and colleague Nick! Nick too is excited and congratulates you. Nick says, the government has further introduced more regulations to ensure better privacy for candidates and companies are investing on technology to manage these regulations. You start thinking about the cost of implementing it. But then you suddenly remember that you need to get back to recruiting and you say bye to Nick.

At the pace the world is transforming itself, it’s very hard to predict the future. However here are my pick:

  • In technology era, its fair to assume that major changes would come from Information Technology and today’s nascent technology; Social Technology, Mobility, and Analytics would be the stables in future.
  • Interface gadgets such as Google glass is shaping the way we interact with computers. These will take center stage in order to improve productivity while interacting with computers.
  • By 2020, Regulations and penalty on compliance miss in Human Resources would become as stringent as they are for banks today. 

4 thoughts on “Recruitment 2020

  1. Very well-thought-out article. Loved the way technology and finer aspects of a function like recruitment was linked. I guess this is the way forward for all businesses. I also learn from this that there is a case for companies to include operational aspects in their strategy / long term plans and failing to foresee this will simply remove them from the game . . .


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