Challenges of today’s RPOs

Having served as Marketing Manager in RPO companies, I have always been closely listening to my clients. Some appreciated our work and others didn’t. But top three challenges they all would fret about are these:

1. Pumping in resumes: Recruiters at RPO companies are under pressure to fill positions. This pressure is directly felt by the recruiters and some times they pump resumes to hiring managers without scrutinizing them strictly. This results in hiring managers wasting their precious time rejecting resumes that shouldn’t have come to them in the first place. This frustration builds over time and creates a general feeling among hiring managers that the RPO team isn’t capable. Creating such an impression can only lead to the RPO team loosing their contract over time because of noise in the business.

2. SLAs that dont align to Business Success: I find this happen so often that RPOs have grown to ignore any concerns raised in this direction. RPOs today continue to sign on simple straightforward SLAs and grading their performance top class by benchmarking themselves with competitor RPO companies. Clients generally stay puzzled why they are still reeling under the pressure of War for Talent. Slowing hiring manager start feeling that their RPO partners are not truly their partners in success and the partnerships begins on its journey downwards until the SLAs show the result.

3. Being Strategic Partner: Companies typically rely on their recruitment teams to provide them intelligence on talent. When recruitment is outsources, this intelligence stops to flow and this over time bothers the hiring managers. Recruiters who were earlier working as talent advisor, are no more available for advice and RPO partner is more focused on their process, SLA and filling jobs rather than helping hiring managers in manpower planning etc

How Do We Fix These? 

Although the problem seems complicated, the solution is quite simple, Go above and beyond.

Going above and beyond in submission quality would mean ensuring recruiters get face time with business to truly understand the unsaid in job description. Training recruiters on importance of ensuring tight scrutiny of profile before submission, holding recruiters accountable by strict audits and management truly demonstrating their concern on the parameter…when management truly cares about something, it percolates down.

Going above and beyond in SLAs would mean holding meetings with client’s training departments to ensure they are happy with the incoming talent, ensuring hiring manager satisfaction is measured and hiring manager is involved in challenges faced in talent acquisition, ensuring there are quarterly meetings with finance to check cost and productivity targets are being met. Repercussion of RPO’s work is measured by various departments and expectations should be managed across.

Going above and beyond in being a talent advisor is to join the hiring managers in their annual planning meets, providing them market intelligence, benchmarks, showing them positive impact of the SLAs on business output and being available for a quick chat whenever required. To achieve this end, RPOs need to go beyond SLAs, beyond contracts, beyond what’s said… to the place where client feels the RPO and its effort and its contribution in business success.

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