You find what you’re looking for! So be careful.

A couple of days back I had a strange experience that thought me a great lesson.

It was a normal working morning and I was just in time to catch my bus. I found four-five people waiting at the bus stop. In just a few minutes of waiting, a bus arrived and a lady got into the bus… Soon after getting in she got out and declared – there are no seats in the bus and so everyone decided to take the next bus. Since I was in a hurry I got into the bus thinking I would just stand.

After about five minutes of standing a lady came to me and asked, why don’t I go back and sit in one of the vacant seats?

I was surprised for a moment, the lady at the bus stop declared that there are no seats and everyone decided not to board the bus, but here I find there were a couple of seats Available!

I thanked the lady and sat in the seat that was closest to me. I was wondering why didn’t the lady spot so many vacant seats!! After pondering over it for a couple of days, I now come to the conclusion that a person finds what he is looking for.

The lady was a pessimist and she was expecting that the bus would be full And therefore she could only find seats that where Occupied. Her eyes could just not spot the vacant seats.

Let me explain this with an example. if someone is looking to buy an apartment then automatically this person will spot all the ads regarding new apartment in the city. Even if his friends discuss about new apartments his ears will automatically pick this conversation. This will allow the person to get all the information and buy the best apartment for himself. Conversely if a person believes that there are no good apartment coming up in the city, then he would just fail to spot the right information and will end up buying A poor Appartment or not buying an apartment at all!!

So I learned from this incident that one should always define what he wants and look for that. If a person is always busy with problems then the person will only find those problems, whereas if a person recognises a problem and starts looking for solution then you will find a solution.

I am able to connect this experience with a video that I watched a year back. That video is called “the secret ” it’s available on YouTube and I would urge you to watch it.

This is the first time and that I am blogging by dictating to a computer so please pardon any spelling errors.

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