Talent Acquisition for the new Super AGILE World

How is talent acquired for making movie? Director and producers meet and discuss the plan and quickly start meeting people who are right for the movie and sign them up. Talent comes together and stays together until the common goal of making the movie is achieved. Once the movie is made, they go their ways!

This is how future entrepreneurs and companies will acquire talent for their projects: Quick, Agile, Short Term, Target focussed, professionals who equip themselves and stay relevant!

How do artists attract work?

  • Visible talent display – reducing the need for several rounds of interviews
  • Connections – trust is contagious!

Talent of the future will need to acquire these skills: superior display of talents and staying connected with idea generators and talent aggregators . LinkedIn is helping talent do that but it needs to be adapted more widespread!

For companies to achieve what film fraternity has achieved they will have to: 

  • Get out of the paradigm that employees in payroll are more trust worthy and closer to company’s mission than contingent staff
  • They will need to accept to see more talent turnover and will have to drop their bench
  • They need to find cheaper ways to find talent … lots of it!
  • Find ways to empower talent more quickly and make transitions more smooth
  • Have technology play the role of integration
  • Flexible company policies

What will drive this evolution? Of course, Market volatility!

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