Three questions that employers need to ask themselves to win War For Talent

1.      Are companies engaging with these quasi active job seekers?

Talent today is no more split between Active job seeker and passive job seeker. A large population of talent is in the grey area in between.

In my experience “NO”. Although LinkedIn has allowed companies to do this to some extent, companies have by and large not identified this trend and not done much to engage with quasi job seekers.  Job descriptions today still assume that the reader will apply if he finds himself suitable. How old!

2.      Are companies creating platforms for co-creating enough content online for talent?

Companies have completely missed out on the importance of it

  • Today target talent is researching companies online. Creating content consistently that will be looked up by this target talent is a very important step in talent attraction
  • Companies cannot do this all alone. They need employees, target talent, analyst and every stakeholder to create content for the company. Companies are not focusing on this ecosystem.they shoul create systems to co-create.

3.      Are companies creating an ecosystem where employees are able to create positive buzz on Social Media?

A few companies have done well on this parameter, creating social media policy and encouraging employees to spread positive buzz. Companies have adopted technology to allow their employees to share news about jobs and happenings with their friends. Adoption of these technologies and methods is still not widespread and there is more that companies could do.

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