Confronting your FEARS the Krishna Way!

Once Krishna and Balaram were travelling through a thick forest after a hard day’s work collecting firewood for their Guru-matha. It was very late in the evening and so they decided to halt for the night. They had sufficient food with them and for protection from wild animals and demons, decided to climb a large tree and finish their dinner. At about midnight, Krishna felt very sleepy and said to Balaram, Brother, I am so tired after a hard day’s work! Could I sleep for some time? Balaram nodded and said, ‘O Krishna, you sleep for the first hour while I watch out for any danger from wild animals and demons. But after an hour, you wake up so that I could sleep while you are watching out for danger. They agreed and Krishna went to sleep.

After about an hour, Krishna gets up and looks for Balaram to call him to rest while he takes guard. But he just can’t find Balaram around and later notices him walking around the tree. Puzzled Krishna enquires, why are you walking around the tree brother? Hearing, Balaram replies, Krishna, sitting up in the tree was putting me to sleep and I didn’t want to accidentally fall asleep. I thought it would be better to walk. Krishna agreed and climbed down the tree so that he could also walk and guard while Balaram relaxed.

After another hour, Balaram wakes up and changes guard. This time Balaram could hear some roaring noise, very loud and distinct. Balaram heads towards this noise and finds a large demon feasting on a large elephant! The demon takes just moments to finish off the giant elephant and is on prowl for his next hunt. Balaram now is petrified and loses balance and comes stumbling to ground. Hearing the fall the demon smiles and pounces towards Balaram.  Balaram clings on to the nearest shrub and hides himself. He notices that the giant demon grows in confidence and gains even more in size; doubling himself! while Balaram, hiding under the shrubs dwarfs to half his size. Taking more cover Balaram find it apt to run towards Krishna and alert him of the demon. While Balaram sets himself to run, he finds himself further shrinking to half! Now Balaram realises that he would have to run really fast to cover ground, given his tiny size! But with determination to alert Krishna, Balaram sets to race.   The demon seeing Balaram run, grows again to double himself! The demon starts to leap towards Balaram and gains ground quickly. But but this time Balaram has been reduced to a really small size and the demon can’t really spot Balaram in the darkness.

By now, Krishna wakes up and climbs down the tree to let Balaram take his chance to sleep. But alas, Balaram is nowhere to be seen. Krishna sets to search for Balaram and walks in the direction of Balaram’s footsteps. Krishna quickly finds Balaram fainted but mistakes him to have slept due to tiredness. Krishna waits there guarding Balaram and suddenly hears the demon. Krishna runs towards to Demon and suddenly notices that his size has doubled. The demon can now easily spot Krishna from far. Demon pounces towards Krishna and Krishna prepares for the battle not thinking once about the result or size of the demon. Demon is now perplexed, as to why is this man not scared and running for his life like the other man! Suddenly Demon finds himself reducing in size to half. Once near Krishna, Demon uproots a tree and tosses towards Krishna. Watchful Krishna easily dodges the tree. Seeing this, the demon further reduced in size while Krishna by now is way giant!

Balaram wakes up and finds himself on the thighs of Krishna and finds the sun is up and bright. Unsure of what happened, Balaram enquires Krishna if he saw any demon in the night. Krishna was unsure and said not a dangerous demon but a small being. Krishna removed the demon from his poket and shows the demon, which is now reduced to just a pocket size and asks, Are you talking about him Brother? Balaram hesitant to say that he got frightened of such as small being begged to differ. They later walked back to their Aashram.

Lesson: Problems are not BIG or SMALL. We make them BIG or SMALL by our ATTITUDE. If we have  attitude of that of Krishna, every problem will be small and if you show attitude of Balaram then every problem will be demon size!

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