If Gods were that powerful, then why Gods need to Incarnate?

I have always wondered why gods need to incarnate in this world to establish Dharma. If they are as powerful as we have been told they are, then just by their thought they could get rid of the Adharmi (Sinner) isn’t it?

Well to understand the details, one must understand a very important concept in Gamification, A gamer is expected to fully abide by the rules of the game and under no circumstances is bigger than the game itself!
Think about it, when you are playing chess, you abide by all the rules of the game…horse moves the way it is supposed//destined to move. We of course have power to move it anywhere on the board or even outside the chess board but thats not how chess could be played. We restrain ourselves to follow the rule and move the horse the way its allowed.

Sacred texts tell us that this World, for gods is nothing but a game. And so it makes sense to took for answers in Gamification and perhaps Gods are abiding by the rules of the game.

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