Is the Problem Sorted? Then WHY sort it again!

I have seen several people trying hard to solve BIG Problems in their lives. Some of the problems are perpetual in nature – pursuing music for instance is never ending! These problem are not solved in a month or year or decade but are a continues pursuits. But most problems we are experiencing in our lives and are solving are not perpetual problems. They are problems with specific solution and timelines. Once solved, they are solved! However I see so many of us are so stuck with our problems that we continue to solve the solved over and over again! 

  • Businessmen who struggled to raise money during their start-up days continue to worry about capital and keep trying to raise capital…although they may have solved the problem of capital needs and today may be faced with other challenges such as delivery excellence  or marketing! 
  • Person with humble background end up living stingy all their lives although they may have earned enough for a comfortable living
  • or the most common lot, frowning over “I can’t remember names” at a conference although they may have figured their way of dealing with it using their cell phone contacts with picture or tags
  • People such as me who always believes that spellings are a problem and get concious about it although now I am quite okay at it and moreover technology helps me sort the problem

Solving a SOLVED problem drains us of energy and opportunity to solve the unsolved. 

So next time when you come across a problem or a nagging habit, also define its solution or workaround. Once the problem is sorted, declare to yourself that that problem is officially SORTED! and don’t waste your time sorting it again.  


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