Future of HRMS and HR Modules

Its that time of the year when everyone is busy setting goals for themselves and planning business activities. Its 2:30 and you just returned from a long lunch with your colleagues where everyone is excited about a new voice based HR System that takes voice commands and reads out suggestions. You are also curious about the new system and want to check it out but the next meeting is just 20 minutes away. You decide to quickly browse through the system and check it in detail once home. You click open the mail from HR requesting you to put in your goals in PMS and click on the link provided. Immediate a voice greets you.

System: Hello James! I am a new recruit in the Human Resources Department. I will assist you in filling this form for you. Would you have 20 minutes?

James is a little shocked, but immediately unplugs headset from his mobile and plugs it into laptop’s jack.

James: Hiii thanks, could you hear and understand me?

System: Of course James. I work in my digital avatar and you can even see me! Just click on the red icon on the top right side of the screen!

James quickly pushes his mouse to click the icon and a person appears on the screen!

System: Shall we begin with the goal setting?

James: Yes! but i only have 15 more minutes… I have a meeting after that.  Is that okay?

System: No problem James, lets start and we could save the work when you need to leave.

I would like to confirm to you that all conversation between us is scripted and saved in the backend and at any point if you want to talk to my higher authorities, you could do so by reaching the HR helpdesk.  Shall we begin?

James: Yeah

System: James, you need to fill your goals in 5 parameters. Let me start with the first, Revenue Target. What target would you like to mention here?

James: 2 million

System: Last quarter you took a target of 1.5 million and achieved 1.34 million. The GDP trend is quite flat and your colleagues on an average have taken 10% increase in target. You sure you want to mention 2 million?

James: yeah, I have a new team joining me and together it should be okay.

System: Okay, let me put that as comment in the PMS.

The conversation continues and the goal seeting is completed by James. System sends an email to James’ boss Sam reporting completion of goal setting. Sam is travelling to New York for a conference and is waiting at the lounge. Sam opens his mobile phone and clicks on email icon… The mail right on top is from the system saying James has finished his goal setting. Sam click opens the PMS and sees the goals that James has set for himself. Sam studies his input and ask the system how many more reportees are yet to submit their goals and the system speaks out 14 out of your 17 reportees have completed their goal setting. Sam asks the system to shaw revenue targets of all the 14 and the system immediately shows a graph that has revenue targets on y-axis and names in X-axis. Sam reviews all the goals and dictates his feedback on each goal to the system. The system captures the feedback and sends an email to James about the feedback from Sam. Sam by now has just returned to his cubicle from the meeting and is surprised at the speed of response. He notes the feedback and dictates changes to the system for updating the PMS.

IS the above possible? Yes of course! In todays time most performance management systems perform the function quite well:

  • Data capture
  • Workflow Mgt.
  • Integration with other systems needing this data

However the missing link is communication between system and employees. If only typing could be replaced with voice recognition and computers were able to understand humans a little better the above would be reality… and this is happening! Large companies are investing in systems that can understand human and this is already a reality! 

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