Managing Crises the Krishna Way!

In Vrindavan, the rainy season had just gotten over and the Gopalas decided to thank Lord Indra, the lord of rain, by arranging for prayers. Learning about the occasion, young Krishna rushes to the Gopalas and says that Rain is a natural phenomena caused by Mount Goverdhana and not caused by divine interventions of lord Indra.  Krishna argued that sacrifice and god appeasement was not required and that Gopalas should focus on their Dharma; Agriculture and raising cattles. The Gopalas took Krishna’s advice and decided not to proceed with the prayers. Seeing the turn of events, Indra gets furious and brings an army of clouds to flood Vrindavan. Seeing the Crisis, Krishna goes to the centre of the village and announces to the Gopalas to not panic and follow him to safety. It starts raining heavily but people follow Krishna with complete faith and Krishna leads everyone to Mount Goverdhana. There Krishna using his divine powers lifts the whole mountain on his left hand little finger like an umbrella allowing everyone to take shelter. To calm the panicked Gopalas, Krishna starts to play a mesmerising tune on his Flute from his other hand.

The story goes on to show how Indra realises his mistake and takes back his army of clouds and asks for Krishna’s forgiveness but the point I want to make is the care and attention Krishna paid to not just physical wellbeing of his followers but also mental wellbeing. Krishna clearly realises that providing physical protection alone is not sufficient as a leader. Leaders carry greater responsibility of providing mental protection and a sense of security.

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