Engineering Happiness: The Vedic Way

Are you happy? If the inner voice says NO, then look at how you spend your time. Gauge how you spend 2014.

As per Vedic scholars, one must spend time in all sorts of activities: Moha, Aartha, Dharma, and Moksha in a balanced way – Just as balanced diet is required for a healthy life; balance activities are required for a happy life.

8% of activities in Moha: All activities that is fun like watch movies, vacation, reading book, chatting with friends; all these activities are come under Moha.

16% in Aartha: These activities give you a meaning in like; your work, your business. Such activities not only give you an identity but also give you a sense of achievement and accomplishment. For a student, studying itself is Aartha.

32% in Dharma: These are activities that entail helping someone. You may be helping your family achieve their dream, mentoring your colleague, supporting a poor student with studies. Such activities are generally beyond the call of duty but sometimes they are duty.

And remaining in Moksha: This is activities done in pursuit of spirituality. It could also be self improvement activities that help you get closer to yourself.

if you are spending too less of a time in activities you really enjoy – Moha then there is a problem. Perhaps you should just take a day off every month and explore activities that you enjoy. If your work isnt giving your a sense of meaning and the identity its creating for your is dis-satisfactory then perhaps you need to find another work that you feel is more meaningful. May be you are not doing enough of Dharma. This is particularly tricky in today’s self focused times but its not too difficult. You don’t have to join an NGO or do some phenomenal swacha bharat initiative. Just talk to your friend in distress and listen with a sense of giving back. Help your struggling colleague get out of tough situations… its as simple as that. I agreed that the last one is too difficult and I haven’t figured out a way myself!

Thanks to Swami Sarvapriyananda for his video on the topic.

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