For what will i remember Dr. Abdul Kalam?

Dr. Kalam has made India proud on so many occasions that no book or biography can really live upto his stature. But in this blog, dedicated to Dr. Kalam, I would like to share what I believe is Dr. Kalam’s biggest contribution to India.

Of his many achievements, I believe Dr. Kalam’s biggest achievement is dreaming of a developed India by 2020. He so truly enrolled his followers that  Indians could really believe that it was possible to be developed and be prosperous. It allowed the common man to believe that his country will be respected and admired one day by rest of the world. The beauty of his vision was in providing a path that could be understood by common man, including me when I was in school.


Its been 17 years since publication of the book and the dream of a developed India remains a distant dream. But the vision will live on for the impact it has created in the hearts of fellow Indians. And when we finally become developed, it ill be the biggest tribute that India will pay to its admired son.

3 thoughts on “For what will i remember Dr. Abdul Kalam?

    1. Good one…. I wish Dr.Kalam’s dream doesn’t just be a dream. It needs to start at home ( from parents) ….I should ideally start growing up my ward in the right way.


      1. 🙂 Do make him read summaries of Wings of Fire, Ignited Mind and India 2020..and he will surely be an asset for the country.


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