How do you say if a company is rotting from inside?

Hastinapur was a great nation. It did not go down only because of Duriyodhana’s ills but also because its internal defence mechanisms were getting rotten. Same could happen to a company; here are some tell-tale signs:

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Characteristics of falling Hastinapur in Mahabharata

Corresponding symptoms of a Rotting Company

1 People in key position such as Bhishma Pitamaha, Dronachariya, Krupacharya … recognised the issues but none felt they were bound to fix the same; rather they convinced themselves that they cannot do anything about the issues and found solace in cribbing People in key position openly talk about the ills but continue to work their own way ignoring any new sign.
2 Everyone knew that Shakuni was culprit but no one could do anything about it Everyone knows who is spoiling the party but no one decides to do anything about him/her/them
3 It was Duryodhana’s way or highway In meetings, “Who said” becomes more important than “what was said”
4 Good deeds of Pandavas weren’t rewarded and bad deeds of Kauravas weren’t punished Above par work of individuals goes unseen and below par work if individuals is ignored
5 Duryodhana commanded the army and the sages while Pandavas had to go figure out theirs through alliance and prayers Some people seem to have more resources than they can chew and others are left with no resources to put their ideas to work

One could argue that every company has some level of challenge in above four. Perhaps its the level of challenge rather than presence or absence that determines how successful a company would be

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