How to eat South Indian Meals?

if you are a Indian who stumbled upon this blog while surfing the web, then please move on! Its not for you 🙂

I have  become a regular at the Saravana Bhavan in Paris and I often see locals struggling to ear the South Indian Meals. I have spoken to a few explaining them how to eat in order to enjoy it the most and folks have always thanked me and told me how much more they enjoyed this time when they ate the prescribed way.

So here is a quick guide for all folks Googling to find right way of eating south Indian meals:

  • Its okay to keep the small utensils with liquids, vegetables and yogurt outside the plate in order to make space for eating. If you want you could even keep the rice place outside.
  • Start with Bread – you may be given a roti (round brown bread about 5 inches in diameter) or Poori (brown break about 3.5 inches diameter)
  • You may dip this bread in vegetable dish – liquid with some vegetables; typically cauliflower/ potato.
  • Once you have finished the bread its time for rice
  • Go for the most dense liquid that you see and mix it well with rice. You could eat the mix with Pappad (Crispy of about 5 inch diameter) You may also eat the mix with vegetable (dry) provided
  • Once the most dense liquid is consumed, for for lesser dense and then the least dense
  • By now you would be feeling quite full. Take a minutes break and eat sweat provided
  • You may now finish the meal with either yogurt and rice mix or just yogurt.

Enjoy your South Indian meals!

and by the way, its okay to give tips in India restaurants and it may range from 5-10%. If you got special attention then 10-15%. In a restaurant that is very busy and you are just another customer; just leave the remaining (small) change.

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