Fashion is Important

Since my childhood I always heard stories of asetic people and cherised living a minimalistic life. Happiness was always simplicity; Fashion was bad… Really bad!

Gandhi gave away his dresses and took to a simple dhoti … And he became Mahatma! And Buddha… Did not retain even that! And a great many famous and rich Indians are living a minimalistic life… Azim Premji, NRN, Gopinath… are all heros. This was my context.

It takes experience to realise, fasion is not bad by itself. Yes, testing cosmetics on animals is horrific; A byproduct, which now recides more in history. Today’s fashion is much more…. It means delivering better experience by better design. And experience includes looks, smell, touch and a lot lot more.

Did you know that a research was done to understand why some people are attracted to some smells? It turns out that ancient chinese always knew the connection between olfactory and the brain and inturn emotions. Yes, your colleagues’ purfume can make you happier!

Fashion can help you live a more content life with just a few things. Minimal in terms of number. So as we move towards a world of abundance, fashion will help move from ‘having more’ to ‘having better’ and feeling better and live a minimalist life.

So all you people who want to live asetic and minimaist life, loosen you purse and broaden you mind. Learn fashin read fashion and lead a fashionable minimalistic life that makes you and people around u experience life better.

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