Indirect CO2 emissions

Recently I read in newspapers that 2000 french students from ivy league colleges have decided not to work for polluting companies. Belief is that top polluting companies will get their acts together seeing this talent threat. But as with most green initiatives, this is short sighted and bound to fail.

Airplane companies produce so much of CO2 emissions… Are they polluters? Or are the ones who buy their tickets actual polluters? Was the contract killer the main accused or the person who contracted?

How much green house gas was produced in making your organic perfume? I am sure not much – directly – but indirectly, the executives would have made several air trips and produced a lot of CO2 in the process. If we add those CO2 by number of perfume bottles produced, I am sure many may refrain buying the bottle in the first place.

How can we improve situation from home it is today? Perhaps we can force companies to report their green house gas emissions in their annual report. Perhaps a sustainability report with structured input headers. That can help students identify those companies that care about nature from the one that don’t.

So imagine your stocks reporting their sustainability report along with financial reports.

Imagine you going to shop to buy a TV and the TV company showing their sustainability index on their product so that you could choose to buy TV that you are comfortable with also taking into consideration the sustainability model.

While this is very complex, and will lead o a whole lot of tech investment, I highly recommend this approach since our planet is worth it.


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