Kaala chakra

So it was time for Rama to go back to baikuntham after ruling Ayodhya for many hundreds of years. Ayodhya was a rich and powerful kingdom with its citizens experiencing happy life. In short – everything was perfect. Ram’s purpose of coming to earth was met but Rama simply forgot about his original Vishnu form and was performing his duties, as a king.

For kaala to move on and enable Rama to realise his true self and go back to baikuntham, a sage plans a trick and Lakshman falls for it and commits suicide. Listening to the news, Rama decides to go into surayu river and drown, brining an end to his avatar.

But Hanuman realises this and tries stopping ram. To teach Hanuman that this is just a kaala chakra, and everyone needs to do their bit, Rama slowly drops his wedding ring through a hole under the thrown and orders Hanuman to instantly become small in size and bring back the ring.

Hanuman follows the command and reduces his size and goes through the hole only to realise there are countless such rings and countless Hanuman trying to figure out which ring is the ring

Hanuman realises that it’s not and end. Ram will be back and next cycle, he will meet another rama and come down again. But to comply with the command, Hanuman nevertheless continues to search for the ring dropped by Rama in this kaala chakra.

One could criticize this story is not possible – logically if kaala is chakra then also it should have started at a point and if it started, then it has to end. If it never started, then only it will perhaps never end, which means it goes on infinitely! And how do one make sense of infinity? In this case there should be infinite rings and infinite Hanuman and since we don’t know what infinity means we cannot make sense of the statement at all and so the story looks quite bogus but I would urge you to rather take this story at face value and try to look at the deeper meaning in the story rather than looking at it mathematically.

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