Adding ‘Human Elements’ to HR processes

Today I visited a hospital with my son for checking on a small inflammation he developed in his hand. It was nothing to worry about but my son would have been under some pain during the procedure. The doctor was open about the whole procedure with my son and after finishing up, gave a sticker to him for being brave. A Doctor could have just focused on the inflammation but rather choose to focus on the person.

As HR professionals, we often are focused on the issues that employees bring rather than the employee.

How do we bring Empathy into our profession?

Have you come across a situation where HR has provided you an experience that you liked?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

2 thoughts on “Adding ‘Human Elements’ to HR processes

  1. Nice Blog Badri. Enjoyed reading it.

    From what I see, almost everyone (yes, including HRs) is capable of feeling Empathy. But showing Empathy is where there is clash between the mind and the heart, between what they want to do vs. what they think they need to come across as.

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    1. Yes! The hospitality industry has done a lot in the field of visibly good service. But I feel sometimes we design processes, org design that simply create a situation that doesn’t allow people luxury to listen and deliver right solution. Ownership to truly resolve issue isn’t easy to instil… Isn’t it?


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