Cut ‘WHY?’ from your life

Human mind always asks the question why. It is a way for mind to understand the world. Mind has some schema and every new information is is made consistent to the existing schema and until that time human mind keeps asking why. Asking why comes at a price; every new phenomenon has to comply with existing schema and if it doesn’t, then the mind just doesn’t accept. Thus not allowing human to learn more. Cutting out ‘why’ from our vocabulary and replacing it with ‘what’ is key to engaging with life in much better way. It allows life to be appreciated for its complexity and doesnt force it to be simplified into existing schema of mind. What always asks for a specification thus allowing knowledge acquisition while why simply asks for explanation. The explanation may not be true. Infact a true explanation that is not in line with existing schema will not be accepted and a false that is in line with schema is accepted.

Japanese kamikaze pilots flew into US ships. What they did allows US sailers to take right steps. But if we start thinking about why they did so, then we are paralysed and unable to take action. There could be so many reasons.

Let’s try to see how futile ‘why’ is with this example: why laxman played awesome only against Australia; especially in Australia?

While the question might seem genuine, what it does is it allows mind to run wild. We wear our blue sky thinking hat and let our imagination take us anywhere without a target to achieve. It essentially will return with a bunch of reasons that our existing schema will be happy to settle with. But will that help? No! It only paralyses you during those moments.

We have been asking ‘why’ from our childhood and it’s going to be super duper difficult to cut it out of ur vocabulary. Nothing in fact is more difficult to tell your mind that you are going to stop thinking why you were passed on for the promotion or why that stock you bought never raises in price… It’s natural that ‘why’ questions will keep propping up in mind. But key is to recognise when they do and take a cautious decision to not try answering your mind. Not try asking why to your colleagues or friends.

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