Shooting games with mind

Our mind is a thinking machine and it comes up with thoughts all the time and most times it is just random. Random thoughts just keep going in circles and keep us from focusing and achieving our objectives or worse still, keep us from living in real world! Ancient Hindu scriptures liken mind to a monkey that jumps from branch to branch for no real reason.

If this goes out of hand, then it becomes our master rather than we using it as a tool to live life better. Now wait, you may believe your thoughts are you… Isn’t it? Spoiler alert! Your thoughts aren’t you. Every single human brain would get similar thoughts in similar situation. of course no two people ever are is exactly same situation with same background and this could have impact on thoughts but hypothetically if two brains are exposed to same situations from many years then they would have same thoughts. So brain is like a computer, and like all computers will return same output for a given program, brain too would give same thoughts.

So if you aren’t collection of your thoughts then who are you? Well this is a big topic and it’s for another blog. Great king of Mysore, Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar had funded a study in late 18th century and a book was published to study this aspect. What it says is that chooser of the thoughts is you.

So if you are not your thoughts and you are the one choosing the thoughts then how to tame your mind? I personally like shooting down thoughts that don’t seem to matter. It’s a hobby I am developing and it helps in de-cluttering my mind. Just the moment you realise you have a thought that doesn’t help you solve a problem you need to solve in next 30 days… Simply shoot it down in your mind. This may sound like Marie Kondo; and has same impact but not on your house but on your brain…. Even better right!

Even if you achieve a little in de-cluttering your mind and kill a few random thoughts, it will have super positive impact on your life! So what is that? It will help you be more charismatic! How? The formula for charisma is

Charisma= Presence*Power*warmth

By killing random thoughts, you can improve your presence. When people are talking to you, you can really be there to listen. And the boost in charisma can help you greatly achieve your objectives!

So start shooting your random thoughts! Be present and be charismatic and successful! 🙂

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