Hi !!

Briefly, I am an MBA in Marketing from Great Lakes and an Engineer in Production from ACE. Currently I am heading the marketing efforts at Summit HR, Superior Group. I am enthusiastic about Marketing and applying various marketing techniques to solve everyday business problems.

Marketing is one of the most researched vertical under MBA umbrella. However I see limited application of all the research work by entrepreneurs and business leaders. CMOs are still rare and normally are disadvantaged when gunning for the CEO position. I believe its lack of middle management’s commitment to truly understand concepts of marketing holistically and applying them to solve business problem that has undermined the importance of marketing as a whole.

In order to ensure I don’t miss on my responsibly, I have decided to pen every time I get to practically apply fundamentals of marketings to business problems so that people could read and apply in their organisations too. Also in the process I would get to read a lot of blogs and understand concepts better.

My linkedIn Page: http://in.linkedin.com/in/badriravi

My Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/badriravi

Solicit your feedback on the blog:

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