Zappos gets rid of job postings…What are you planning?

Zappose has been taking many bold steps in Talent Management and has been reaping its benefits. One the bold new step it has taken is to scrap job posting. Yeah! You heard it right! They have decided to STOP posting any JDs on their career site, or on job boards! Here is a link

This shift is a general shift in the way corporations are thinking about talent attraction. In yesteryears companies had a simplistic view of the way talent could be attracted. They believed that talent is constantly looking for opportunities and companies need to just communicate opportunity far and wide to ensure good response from Talent. However with dwindling response to job posting on Career page, companies are puzzled how to improve their response rates. During this time, the HR thought leaders started talking like marketer; talking about differentiators! Answering “How is my company better from yours”. The world coined “Employer Branding” and the organizations embraced it. But it all happened so quick that companies never had enough time and resources to do it right. They all followed the “Me Too” approach and this led to every company project similar employer image. So the effort didn’t yield desired results. Parallel efforts led companies also to write better Job Descriptions (JD) but it too isn’t yielding much results because companies manage hundreds of JDs and improving across for all positions and customising every JD for individual openings seems an impossibility.

Zappos has found its workaround, people can become part of their community and be warm candidate. JD will be customised for you and you could start and be ready to be productive very fast. Other companies will of course try to follow thsi approach and others will come up with something more innovative. But essential challenge will remain, what is being communicated to talent at large? Is it consistent, accurate and interesting enough? As long as this is right, any approach would work!

My article on PeopleMatters, changing trends among talent

Recently got my article up on PeopleMatters,

It talk about how talent has changes in recent times, the divide between active and passive candidates is blurring. Today we have several people who are in the middle, active about looking for opportunity but dormant in applying to those jobs. Therefore companies need to capitalise on this willingness to explore opportunity and build strong employer brand.

Candidates are more actively sourcing information from their friends on social media and by Google.  Therefore company generated PR content is getting marginalised. Companies need to now empower employees to go talk great about companies. They need to co-create EVP (Employee Value Proposition) with employees and spread the word with joint effort and not just company PR.

I invite you to go through the details:

Please do share your views on the article and whether you as a talent do the above.