Article in PM: Systematizing employer brand building

In today’s War For Talent, its no surprise that companies that are focussed on building great employer brand. While companies are working on it, most are resorting to project based approach where occasional effort is expended to build the brand. However this doesn’t serve the purpose well and rather a systematic approach is the winning approach. A systematic approach also helps in measuring ROI and fine-tuning investment and effort. Read more…

Whitepaper on Recent Trends in Job Seeker Decision Journey and what companies ought to do



My whitepaper published in Infosys has attracted some really good attention. It even found mention in quarterly email the CEO sends to all employees!

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In recent times, there has been shift in the way talent approaches career progression and job search due to changing socio-economic factors and rise of digital platforms. This is causing talent to look for opportunities in market more often and allowing talent to effortlessly search information, connect with people who could provide first-hand experience and crowd source information on organizations where opportunity exist. Organizations are seen to be behind the curve in adapting to this change and are paying the price by escalating talent acquisition costs and inability to attract top talent. This paper details the new talent phenomena and discusses how organizations could measure impact of these phenomena on them to adapt and win their War for Talent.

My article on PeopleMatters, changing trends among talent

Recently got my article up on PeopleMatters,

It talk about how talent has changes in recent times, the divide between active and passive candidates is blurring. Today we have several people who are in the middle, active about looking for opportunity but dormant in applying to those jobs. Therefore companies need to capitalise on this willingness to explore opportunity and build strong employer brand.

Candidates are more actively sourcing information from their friends on social media and by Google.  Therefore company generated PR content is getting marginalised. Companies need to now empower employees to go talk great about companies. They need to co-create EVP (Employee Value Proposition) with employees and spread the word with joint effort and not just company PR.

I invite you to go through the details:

Please do share your views on the article and whether you as a talent do the above.